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Blade not lighting up (Audio Present)Updated 13 hours ago

Please follow the troubleshooting based on the core of your saber:

Baselit (Legacy) and RGB (V3)

  • Remove the blade and check the bulb
  • If the light is present, check if the plastic lining inside the blade is present
  • If it's not present, contact our support for further assistance

SN Pixel V3

  • Turn the saber in deep sleep mode
  • Press the power button three times in rapid succession
  • Turn on the saber

SN Pixel V4

  • Contact us for the tutorial video

Xenopixel V3

  • Download the Xeno Configurator app
  • Connect your saber
  • Select the second icon
  • Go to Blade Settings
  • Adjust the slider to the right

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