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Learn easy troubleshooting tips for various lightsaber issues.

Saber Not Charging

First things to check:. Once you have cleared the checklist above, the next thing is to check if the battery is seated correctly in the saber. Open the hilt at the mid-section to reveal the electronics board and remove the battery. If the battery app

Crackling Audio

If your saber shows signs of crackling audio, this is usually either a low-power or a faulty speaker. To test, first charge the saber fully. Generally, low voltage from the battery will cause audio and blade effect issues. Reinstalling the battery wi

The saber has no flash-on-clash effect

If your saber is missing the flash-on-clash effect, it can be either low-charge or a setting on the saber. To test, first charge the saber fully. Generally, low voltage from the battery will cause audio and blade effect issues. Check the specific ins

SD Card Error (Xenopixel)

If your saber emits an SD CARD ERROR upon start-up, it means corrupted files or the card is missing. Open the hilt at the mid-section to reveal the electronics board and check if the SD card is present. Contact our support team at [email protected]

The saber can't connect to the app (RGB V3 and Xeno V3)

Before trying the procedure, ensure your mobile device has the latest OS version. Turn the saber on. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone. Unpair or delete the saber. Open the app and reconnect your saber. If this troubleshooting does not solve

The saber won't turn off (Proffie)

The saber is in BATTLE MODE when this happens. Follow the procedure below to switch on or off. Step 1: Turn the saber on (not in standby mode). Step 2: Press the AUX (for dual switch) and PWR (for single switch) three times and holding the third pres

Font directory not found (Proffie)

The saber can’t read the SD card correctly. This issue can happen when the saber is low on power or if the saber is in storage for a long time. It can also mean the files on the SD do not match the configuration on the saber. Assuming you’ve not made

Crackling Sound or Blade Glitches (Proffie)

This issue is almost always low battery. Triple-tap the PWR button to get a voltage readout. If it’s less than 3.6, it might be worth charging. Alternatively, blades can glitch when the SD card fails to read it correctly. In this case, remove the SD

Blade not lighting up (Audio Present)

Please follow the troubleshooting based on the core of your saber:. Baselit (Legacy) and RGB (V3). SN Pixel V3. SN Pixel V4. Xenopixel V3.

How to install or remove a Blade Plug

Blade Plug installation is the same as installing a regular blade. Ensure your saber has an OD of 1 inch before purchasing or installing one. Removing a Blade Plug is easy. Loosen the retention screws and pull out the plug by the tip. You may use nee

Flickering Blade (All Cores)

Observe if the audio is crackling. If it does, this means your saber is low-power. If the audio is fine, check if you entered a blade mode. Refer to your instruction manual on how to switch blade modes. We also recommend removing the battery to reset

Blade not lighting up fully (Xeno V3)

This will happen if your saber is not configured to the correct setting. Follow the procedure below.

How to reset or update your saber (RGB V3 and XENO V3)

Most technical issues of your saber can be resolved by resetting or updating the firmware. Follow the procedure below to reset your saber in its factory settings or update its firmware. Updating Firmware. Reset to Factory Settings.

Blade not lighting up fully (Slider Grayed Out) (XENO V3)

Suppose the sliders are grayed out. The settings of your saber are incorrect. Use the procedure below to remedy the issue. FIRMWARE SELECTION.

Blade not lighting up fully (Xeno V2)

Please check the following before doing the procedure. • Remove the blade. • Turn on the saber. • Check if all LED modules light up. If all LED modules are working properly, proceed below:. • Put the saber in standby mode (do not turn the blade on).

Fixing the Kyber Crystal

Please send an email to [email protected] for the tutorial.