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What charging plug to use

Always check the output ratings on any charger you use with our sabers. An incorrect charger can and will damage your saber. Please use a charger with an output rating of five (5) volts and no more than two (2) amps. Moreover, do not use any fast cha

What is the short tube included in the package

Our higher-end models come packaged with some complimentary accessories. The short plastic tube is called a Blade Plug. It can be inserted into the hilt instead of the blade for looks or protection of the internal components.

Does it come with a blade

Yes, our sabers are shipped with a blade. Most blades are 36" (92cm) long and 1" (25mm) in diameter. There are exceptions - our double sets are shipped with 28" blades.

What kind of batteries are used

Our sabers come equipped with rechargeable 18650 batteries. We also include a charging cable so you have everything needed to enjoy your saber. If your battery no longer holds the charge well you can buy a replacement battery online by searching for

Are the hilts durable

All our saber hilts are made from metal and are very durable. They are primarily made from T6 aluminum alloy, a light and strong metal used for many industrial applications; most notably aircraft construction.

Do you have weathered sabers

We do not offer weathered saber but may do so in the future.

Everything you need to know about Neopixel Saber Technology

Getting a custom saber based on the galactic adventures of Luke, Leia, and the rest of the fan-favorite characters we all love is easier than ever. A simple Google search will bring you all kinds of incredible saber action for dueling, cosplaying, an

Do you sell saber components

We don't sell saber components at this time.

How do I charge my saber

Our sabers have a charging port in front of the saber or at the back of the electronics board -- you need to open the hilt to access it. Luminara sabers, on the other hand, come with an external battery charger.

What charging cable do I use

Our sabers come with a Type C charging cable. You may use any cable of a similar configuration. For Legacy sabers, we use a USB to DC Male charging cable. Here's a link to our Legacy Charging Cable

What app do you use to connect my saber

Download the Xeno Configurator. This app is only compatible if your core is RGB V3 and Xeno V3.

How to add custom sound fonts

This feature is only available to the following cores:. We do not support the addition of custom sound fonts. Please refer to various saber community boards for more information.

What are the dimensions of your saber

The dimensions among other things are listed on the product page of each saber.

Blade Plug for Xenopixels

The Baselit Blade Plug will work if your saber has an OD of 1 inch.

How do I know if the saber is fully charged

The LED around the power button* will pulsate indicating that the saber is charging. Once it is fully charged, the LED will turn off. The saber will say FULLY CHARGED for newer cores such as RGB V3, Xeno V2, and V3. If you use our external charger, t

What's included in the box

Your lightsaber order will come securely packaged in a special lightsaber box. Additional items are included for purchasing a higher saber model

General Product Question

Please send an email to [email protected]

Mystery Saber Mechanic

The Mystery Saber is available to selected sabers under the Master Collection. Look for the gift box icon with the word FREE. Before checkout, you must click the blue CLAIM button to add it to your cart.